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Our Governors

We currently seek one parent governor. This is your chance to have a say in key decisions at our school and to make a real contribution to the local community. Please read the letter below to find out more information. If you think you would be interested in joining our Governing Body please mention this to the school office.

The Governors of Radcliffe Hall volunteer to ensure that we provide the best provision for the pupils of in our school. The Governing Body include the Head teacher, teaching staff, parents, Foundation, local authority appointees and members of the community. 


The Governing Body meets as a whole every term unless an extra meeting is required to address urgent business. The Governing Body delegates responsibility to a series of committees which conduct the business of the Governing Body.


There are no relevant or pecuniary interests recorded as of last meeting.


Chair of Governors

Mr M Bailey    Parent  1/9/2012 - 31/08/2016; 1/09/16 - 31/08/2020


Vice-Chair of Governors

Miss L Grayshon            12/5/2014 - 13/05/2018



Revd. D Luke


Foundation Governors

Mrs Joan Brain (Methodist)                                     1/5/2016 - 1/5/2020

Ms Kristen McArthur  (Anglican)                              11/10/16 - 10/10/20               

Rev C Hayden  (Anglican ex-officio)                    28/05/2011 - duration of ministry

Deacon M Brocklehurst  (Methodist ex-officio)   1/01/2015 - duration of ministry


Staff Governor

Mrs D Tennant (HLTA)   4/10/2014 -  3/10/2018


Co-opted Governors

Mrs Sonia Munro            20/03/2016 - 21/03/2017

Mr B McCool                   1/10/2014 - 31/09/2018

Miss L Grayshon            12/5/2014 - 13/05/2018

Mr U Rashid                     9/2/2016 - 9/2/2020


Local Authority Governor

Mrs Daisy Bailey                                     1/9/2016 - 1/9/2020


Parent Governors


Mr Matthew Bailey                                     1/9/2016 - 1/9/2020


Past Governors

Mrs J Bill          (parent)                              12/1/2012 - 11/1/2016

Mr I Madden     (Co-opted)                         15/03/2015  - 15/03/2019 (October 2015)

Mrs L Nolan     (Co-opted)                         25/03/2014 - 24/03/2018  (October 2015)

Mrs S Nicholls  (Staff)                                31/07/2013 - 31/07/2017  (May 2015)

Ms  C Preece   (Methodist Foundation)      14/10/2014 - 13/10/2018

Mrs V Beal  (Anglican)                                 2/06/2012 -  1/06/2016

Mr A Walker   (Parent)                                 1/04/2012 - 31/03/2016

Cllr  D Bailey  (Local Authority)                    1/09/2012 - 31/08/2016


Staffing Sub-committee                                    Finance & Fabric Sub-committee

Mr M Bailey                                                          Mrs D Bailey

Mrs Munro                                                             Rev D Luke                                                       

Mr B McCool                                                        Mr B McCool 

Vacancy                                                               Mr Usmaan Rashid


Curriculum Sub-committee                               Staff Appeals

Mr M Bailey (Chair)                                               Mrs McArthur                                         

Ms D Tennant                                                        Rev C Hayden

Rev D Luke                                                           Mrs V Beal

Mrs J Brain                                                            Vacancy

Mrs S Munro                                                          Mrs D Bailey                                                  


Staff Disciplinary Sub-committee                     Performance Review Sub-committee

Mr B McCool                                                         Mr M Bailey (Chair)

Mr M Bailey  (chair)                                               Mr B McCool

Vacancy                                                                 Vacancy


Pupil Discipline Sub-committee                      School Ethos & Churches                                Mrs D Bailey                                                         Ms D Tennant

Mr B McCool                                                         Rev C Hayden

Vacancy                                                                Mrs J Brain


                                                                               Rev D Luke 

                                                                               Deacon M Brocklehurst            

Complaints Committee

Mrs S Munro

Mr U Rashid



Link Governors

Safeguarding                         Mrs S Munro

Health & Safety                     Vacancy

ICT                                          Vacancy

Early Years                            Miss Grayshon

CYPiC                                     Mr M Bailey

SEN                                         Mrs J Brain

Policies                                   Vacancy

Attendance at meetings:

Full Governing Body Tuesday 9th February 2016


Matt Bailey

Lindsey Grayshon

Joseph Barry McCool

Usmaan Rashid

Carol Hayden

Denise Luke

Daisy Bailey

Adam Walker


Full Governing Body Tuesday 17th May 2016


Daisy Bailey

Vera Beal

Joan Brian

Deacon Michelle Brocklehurst

Michelle Cash

Carol Hayden

Denise Luke

Joseph Barry McCool

Usmaan Rashid

Debbie Masson


Summer term Sub-committee meetings 2016

29.6.16 – Church & Ethos – Michelle Brocklehurst, Debbie Masson, Denise Luke, Vera Beal

12.7.16 - Curriculum – Sonia Munro, Joan Brain, Debbie Masson, Denise Luke

12.7.16 – Staffing – Michelle Cash, Lindsey Grayshon, Barry McCool, Denise Luke

5.7.16 – Finance – Usmaan Rashid, Matt Bailey, Barry McCool, Denise Luke


Full Governors Meeting Tuesday 11th October 2016


Daisy Bailey

Matt Bailey (Chair)

Joan Brian

Deacon Michelle Brocklehurst

Michelle Cash

Lindsey Grayshon

Rev Carol Hayden

Denise Luke (Head Teacher)

Kirsten MacArthur

Debbie Masson

Joseph Barry McCool

Sonia Munro


Autumn term Sub-committee meetings 2016

7.12.16 – Church and Ethos – Michelle Brocklehurst

14.2.16 – Curriculum - Debbie Masson, Barry McCool, Sonia Munro

7.12.16 – Staffing – Matt Bailey, Michelle Cash, Denise Luke, Lindsey Grayshon

14/12/16 – Finance – Matt Bailey, Usmaan Rashid, Kirsten McArthur


Pupil Discipline committee – 23.1.17

Barry McCool, Daisy Bailey, Kirsten McArthur


Full Governing Body Wednesday 8th February


Sonia Munro

Debbie Masson

Joan Brain

Kirsten McArthur

Matt Bailey

Lindsey Grayshon

Joseph Barry McCool

Usmaan Rashid

Carol Hayden

Denise Luke

Daisy Bailey

Michelle Brocklehurst