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What is Radcliffe Hall PSA?


Radcliffe Hall PSA is a friendly, voluntary team of people who want to help raise much needed funds for the school, and to hold events for all to enjoy.

The team is currently made up of six parents and we have many different teachers and teaching assistants who join us at our meetings and who help us at events.


What we do at PSA meetings?


PSA meetings are a very laid back affair with a drink and sometimes cake bought from home by PSA members (not funded by PSA event funds). We get together in School in the room next to the Library. The meetings are usually held during School hours after we have dropped our children off. We try to arrange this so that all can attend, if this is not possible we try to rearrange but also take minutes and send them to all members.

We discuss a plan for the events we are to hold and organise who is going to be responsible for what section. Nobody is ever out of pocket as the money we spend on events is money left from what we have previously raised.

We discuss what the money is going to go towards and how this will help the school to grow.

Everyone at the PSA is equal as we believe that there should not be titles, although we do have a treasurer who takes care of the funds as it is very important that this is taken care of properly.



What have the recent funds have gone towards?


At the Summer Fair 2014 we raised over a thousand pounds which we were incredibly proud of. This money has gone towards getting equipment for Foundation stage. A lot of the equipment needs replacing and we are happy to announce that this will now be possible.


We at the PSA plan to make sure that every part of the School benefits from funds that are raised.


Joining Radcliffe Hall PSA


Are you interested in joining the PSA?

If you are, but you are unsure of what it will involve, why not pop along to a meeting and see if it is something you feel you would like to be involved in. If you decide it is not for you then you will not be tied into anything.

You do not even need to attend all meetings to be part of the PSA, we are often looking for volunteers to just help at events, if you would like to do this please keep an eye out for our news letters asking for your help. Alternatively you can give us your name and contact details and we can contact you to see if you are available to help us at future events.

Meetings will be posted on news letters or handed out on leaflets in the playground.

If you have any views or suggestions for the PSA please do not hesitate to talk to us or to even send a letter via the school office.


PSA Chocolate Bingo

The first event that the new PSA organised was The Chocolate Bingo event on April. 11th. This was a great success and we had a fantastic turn out. Teachers, parents and students. We plan to hold this every year and we just hope that it grows in popularity.


PSA Summer Fair

The Summer Fair on July 12th was wonderful. We had fantastic weather and we had an incredible attendance. We are so grateful to everyone who came along to join in the fun, without you we have nobody to keep on organising events for and our events would not be as successful either.

The summer Fair had many different stalls for everyone to enjoy and we were very lucky to have the help of Teachers, parents, children and even companies from outside of school too.

If all events can be as fantastic as this then we will be able to help the school to purchase items to help the school and its pupils become more successful.


Why we hold Non-school uniform days


As you know we do hold Non-Uniform days and ask for donations. The donations are to help us with the events. We ask for small donations of a small toy, chocolate or a small monetary donation in order to purchase anything we need to host the event and to run stalls at events. We understand that this can sometimes feel like a lot when you have more than one child at the school but we assure you that one way or another every child will benefit from funds raised at our PSA events.

When we raise money we only keep a very small amount back in case it is needed to purchase things for future events as we want as much as possible to go back into the school. This is why we are in need of your donations.