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School Uniform



The school operates a uniform policy and children are expected to wear it. Jewellery is not allowed, with the exception of wrist watches and stud earrings. Nose studs are not allowed.


  • Sweater Royal Blue


  • (Girls) Dark Grey/Black


  • (Boys) Dark Grey/Black


  • (Girls) Dark Grey (these must be tailored as boys)


  • Shirts White


  • Ties Infants - Elasticated
  • Juniors - Full Tie


  • Shoes Flat (not trainers) – black


  • (Girls) Blue or Pink Check


  • Head Scarf Black



Parents must also provide suitable equipment for P.E. (a compulsory National Curriculum Subject). Black Shorts/White T Shirt (boys and girls). P.E. pumps (preferably slip on type) NOT trainers, although trainers are required for games, as are football boots on occasion. Girls may wear grey games skirts for games but NOT for P.E.


Wrist watches and earrings will not be allowed during Games/P.E. and parents are advised of this in the hope they will co-operate in the interests of safety.


Children are expected to wear their uniform at all times. Hair should be tied back, if long, for health and safety reasons and extreme styles should be avoided.



School uniform available from:


86 The Rock
Lancashire BL9 0BX

Telephone 0161 764 4320




Please ensure that all clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name








Infant Ties – elastic £4.00

Junior Ties £3.50


Baseball Caps £4.00


Book Bags £5.00


P E Bags £4.50


Water Bottles £1.00


Head Scarf £3.00


All prices are as at the time of printing and are available from the School Office.