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Admission to school at other times

Moving schools? We have spaces in some year groups ...

We are pleased that you are considering Radcliffe Hall as an alternative school for your child.


Deciding to change your child's school is a difficult process but we hope to help you through this important time. It is proven that multiple school moves damage a child's progress and can impact on their social emotional well-being. This is why we insist on you visiting school and make informed decisions before your child transfers from their current school.


To make an appointment to discuss this further please contact the school office.

Which Year Groups have vacancies?


We have a 'standard number' of 45 in Reception to Year 6.


Year group sizes at September 2019:


Nursery (Morning)           vacancies

Nursery (Afternoon)        vacancies

Reception                         40 children - 5 vacancies

Year 1                               39 children - 6 vacancies

Year 2                               42 children - 3 vacancies

Year 3                               FULL

Year 4                               43 children - 2 vacancies

Year 5                               43 children - 2 vacancies

Year 6                               33 children - 12 vacancies