Pupils at Radcliffe Hall Primary School
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Curriculum Overview

Given the context of our school, its Christian foundation and the starting points of our children, we are committed to a curriculum that is inclusive and challenging for all. At Radcliffe Hall Church of England Methodist Primary School, we have designed our curriculum with the intent that pupils build the secure foundations required to allow them to fulfil their potential and enable them to achieve their aspirations. As adults, we want them to seek out any opportunities, take responsibilities as moral citizens and gain life experiences that extend their horizons. Our intentions are to ensure every child leaves school secure in their learning, with the key skills and knowledge to progress successfully into their next stage of life and learning.

Our Curriculum

We teach Maths and English discretely based on the National Curriculum. We use a range of materials to teach Maths including White Rose Maths. The teaching of English is through quality texts. Our core teaching in Key Stage Two is also supported by PIXL intervention teaching.

We use the revised Letters and Sounds (Little Wandle) to teach phonics and teach early reading through a range of decodable books linked to our phonic lessons.

As soon as pupils are ready, we provide 'banded books' to ensure quality levelled reading opportunities. Once pupils reach a competent reading age they move to reading a broad and balanced range of real fiction as their home readers.

Foundation subjects are taught thematically in a two year cycle to ensure that all pupils in our split age classes access appropriate learning. The detail of each subject is mapped according to age band. We have developed bespoke schemes of work for our curriculum which is detailed below.

Curriculum Knowledge, Skills and Vocabulary (KSV Charts)

At Radcliffe Hall we pride ourselves on the fact that our curriculum focuses on a blend of knowledge (key concepts, principles and information), skills (practical application) and enhancing vocabulary, in order to be inclusive and to meet the diverse needs of our community.

We want children to acquire knowledge each year in the subjects within the National Curriculum, alongside the systematic development of a range of skills that may be used across  subject areas.

Infusing a curriculum with words (about 400 a year) where children understand the meaning and use them widely in a range of contexts increases their learning skills and confidence.

KSV charts are used to identify the core knowledge, skills and vocabulary that will be covered within topics.

If you would like to obtain additional information about our curriculum please contact us using the information on the "Contact Details" section of this website.