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Meet the Eco Action Team

In the Eco-council we discuss eco-friendly and environmental issues within the school and look at ways we can make things better. The Christian values are very important and are similar to other religious values like Islamic values.  One of the most important things is to be respectful and kind to one another. I believe this is very important because if you do not have respect and kindness, you cannot have friendship and community which our school is based on.

Christian values are important to me because they make sure that everyone behaves kindly towards each other. Through the Eco-council, I have made some new friends and I have enjoyed researching all about David Attenborough and the work he has carried out to protect our environment.

I think our Christian values are important as they remind people to be kind to each other – love is the most important. Since being in the Eco-council, I have learned all about David Attenborough and all the good things he is doing to help the environment. I am hoping that as a school we can also help by having teams of litter pickers and making sure turn of the lights. All of this will help to make a better world and save our plants and animals.

I joined the Eco-council as I would like to make the school a better place and help the environment. We can do small things such as pick up litter and turn off the taps. Our school values are important as they help us to be better. My favourite is love as you need love for everything.

The Christian values teach younger children to treat each other kindly. Forgiveness is a very important value as you forgive people for bad choices. My hopes for the future are that people: stop littering and causing pollution.

Our Action Plan Spring/ Summer 2022

Past Events

Environmental Review

The Eco-committee have spent some time surveying the school to find out how eco-friendly we are. We have found the school has many strengths but have identified some areas of improvement. These are targets we will be working towards over the coming months.

Environmental Review September 2021

Earth Day

On Thursday 22nd April 2021, Radcliffe Hall participated in Earth Day – Restore our Earth. Children across the school accessed a variety of activities that focused on different ways we can help to care for our Earth. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the difference we can make for our future.