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New Classes & Transition

Friday 9th July 2021


Dear Parents/Carers




I am writing to confirm class organisation for the next school year and where the teachers will be working.


We will be saying goodbye to two teaching staff as they leave to work in other areas. Miss Birch and Mrs O’Sullivan-Smith will not be returning to Radcliffe Hall in September and we wish them every success in their future endeavours. We will also be joined by new staff in September (Miss Garvey and Mrs Christie) and are looking forward to working with them.  Please find below a list of class teachers for each of the phases in the school.


You will receive a text on Monday to advise you which class your child is in.


As we remain unable to deliver a traditional transition, please look out for our mini ‘meet the teacher’ videos on Twitter over the summer so you can put a face to the name and ask your children about the socially distanced transition activities that will take place over the last two weeks of term.



Nursery: Mrs Hamer (Deputy Headteacher)

Reception: Mrs Bradshaw & Team


Key Stage One

Year 1: Miss Oliver

Year 1/2: Miss Garvey (SENCO)

Year 2: Mrs Clare (Lead Teacher)

Cross Phase Teacher: Mrs Nicholls

Lower Key Stage Two

Year 3: Miss Healey

Year 3/4: Miss Jones

Year 4: Mrs Christie

Upper Key Stage Two

Year 5/6: Mrs Phillips

Year 5/6: Mrs Cuthbert (Lead Teacher)

Year 5/6: Mrs Gothard

Cross Phase Teacher: Mr Wilson (Assistant Headteacher)



Yours sincerely


Mrs Emma Ford