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The Rainbow Council 2021 - 2022

My name is Isaac and I'm in Year 5/6 Oak. In our school, we have something called the Christian Values and my favourite value is 'Forgiveness' because if you fall out with your friends, you can become friends with them again. I am able to make a difference by helping with equipment and helping children on the playground. My hopes for the future are making the school a cleaner place and making it safer to walk to school.

Hi, I'm Lexi. I love it when people trust me so I can help them with things. I hope that in the future I am able to make the school a better place using love, friendship, compassion, community, trust and forgiveness.

Greetings, I am Iqra from Oak class. The Christian Values are very important to me and they inspire me in lots of different ways. They are values for everyone to follow, not just Christians. Forgiveness is very important because if you forgive, then they will forgive you too. I have not been involved in any council before so I'm excited about being a member of the Rainbow Council. I will help to make our community stronger by cleaning up the environment and help to set up different activities. 

Hi, I'm Alyssa and I'm 11 years old. Our values are so important to me because if we didn't have them, we would have a miserable school with many unhappy children. I love the value of community because it means that we are able to get on with our peers. Now that I am part of the Rainbow Council, I will spread the core values.

My name is Muhammad. Love is important to me because everyone feels good when they're loved. I would make a difference by being a good role model at school and at home. Another important value for me is friendship. Being a good friend will make the school the best place.

Hi, my name is Ishveen and I'm in Year 5. I love our Christian Value of 'Community' because I love how it helps us to work together and help each other. As part of the Rainbow Council, I want to help with assemblies and make sure classrooms are amazing places. 

Hi I'm Leah from Pine class. The values are so important to me because they represent everything we do at Radcliffe Hall. My favourite is forgiveness, because it helps to remind us to forgive when things go wrong. I am really looking forward to being part of the Rainbow Council this year.

Wellbeing Week May 2022

On 9th May 2022, we held Well-Being Week.  Members of the Rainbow Council and the Sport and Well-Being Council delivered a special assembly.  We launched a competition and held several events throughout the week:

Growth Mindset Monday

Trusting Tuesday

We Are Friends Wednesday

Thoughtful Thursday

Feel Good Friday

We know how important it is to look after our mental health and enjoyed learning about different ways to do this.

Show Racism the Red Card March 2022

The Rainbow Council were busy preparing for our "Show Racism the Red Card" event.  They did a brilliant job of planning and delivering assembly to promote anti-racism.  Please see the winning T-Shirt designs below.

Previous Rainbow Council members

The values mean so much to me.  Love comes first so it's the most important.  In my opinion, if you can do love, you can do all.  This Council is the best, we have taken part in lots of events like Harvest and lots of other things.  We have been involved in a lot of assemblies too.  I hope that other Rainbow Council members in the future can make a difference too.

Being in the Rainbow Council as an ambassador, I have helped my fellow students with homework and the teachers with classroom activities.  The six core Christian values with myself as a Muslim are very much aligned and we love God and we love and respect the prophet Jesus.  I will continue supporting my teacher and pupils and will endeavour to continue to be helpful, respectful, loving and caring to all.

As members of the Rainbow Council, we show Love, Friendship, Compassion, Community, Trust and Forgiveness.  I started at Radcliffe Hall six years ago and it is a great school.  Meetings of the Rainbow Council are normally at lunchtime or in the afternoon.  We have helped to raise money for families in other countries.

I have enjoyed being in the Rainbow Council because you get to organise Harvest Festival.  We also did assembly in front of the whole school on Zoom during lockdown.  Our Christian values are important because if we didn't have them we might not be able to be nice friends or be nice to each other.  I'm hoping that the good work of the Rainbow Council will carry on through the years.

In the Rainbow Council, I have learned about all six of our Christian values of Love, Friendship, Compassion, Community, Trust and Forgiveness.  Love is the most important to me as if you did not have it the other values would not exist.  A difference that the Rainbow Council has made is that now the younger children have another child to look up to.  I hope in the future this school will be the number one school in Bury as the school deserves it as we have worked so hard to make things better.

I am in the Rainbow Council because I have all of the Christian values and they help me a lot.  Love is my favourite.  Without it, you can't show the other values.  I've been involved in lots of activities such as: meeting the Mayor, Zoom assemblies and taking in other people's ideas and acting on them.  I hope the next Rainbow Council have fun and continue to make a difference and be good role models.

How do I become a member of the Rainbow Council?

Rainbow Council Application Pack

Past Events

Children in Need November 2020

Scarlett decided to take matters into her own hands this Children in Need.  In addition to the fundraising going on across school, she raised a small fortune in her efforts to stay silent one dinner time.  Well done Scarlett!

Afternoon Tea with the Mayor

We were very honoured to meet the Mayor and his wife when they came to visit our school.  The choir performed with the marvellous Mr Martin and then the Rainbow Council had an opportunity to sit with them for afternoon tea.  The counsellors asked questions such as "What is the most fun part of your job?" and "How did you feel when you first found out you were the Mayor?"

Sung Praise Display November 2019

The Rainbow Council wanted to celebrate the fabulous singing at Radcliffe Hall with a very special display in the hall.  Together they created a fabulous piece of work which is prominently displayed in the main hall.  It reminds us of the work of John Wesley and to "sing lustily and with a good courage" when we join together to worship through song.

Harvest Festival 2019

This year the Rainbow Group decided to support the Methodist charity "All We Can".  You can find out more about them below: