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Sports Council Overview

Meet the Sports Council

Friendship is the most important value as it helps to stop fights and arguments, sport is good for this also.

I want to help organise PE equipment and choose sports for the school.

I would like to change the sports we do for every sports day.

My hopes are more people will like basketball, my favourite sport.

Love is the most important value because you show love to help people and cheer people on.

I want everyone to play nicely and try new sports.

I hope everyone plays a new sport and cheers everyone on.

Love is the most important value because love comes first.

I want to go to competitions with my friends and win trophies, I want everyone to have fun.

I hope there will be more sports events for people to try like football.

How do I become a member of the Sports Council?

Sports Council Application Pack

Past Events

Race for Life

On Friday 25th June, all the children at Radcliffe Hall took part in ‘The Race for Life’ in aid of Cancer Research. Throughout the day each key stage bubble was given the opportunity to complete their race for life on the school field. Pupils attended school in sport clothes including something pink to show their support for a fantastic cause. We managed to raise £670 for Cancer Research and all the children had a fantastic day!

Our First Meeting


Topic: What is the Sports Council?

Details: Discussed what everyone wanted from the Sports Council, created a

mind map in Key Stage bubbles to illustrate what each child wanted ‘sport’ to

look like at Radcliffe Hall.

Required Action: Think of what sports you want to see at sports day.