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Rainbow Advocates

Radcliffe Hall CE/ Methodist Primary School Rainbow Council is comprised of a team of pupils who are ambassadors for our core Christian values of Love, Friendship, Compassion, Community, Trust and Forgiveness. Each of the children represents the school voice in decisions across the key stages.

Representatives from each KS2 class will be appointed after an application process to help make decisions alongside the teachers to:

• embrace differences and promote inclusion
• engage in active global and local citizenship
• promote positive relationships with others

The Rainbow Council recruits children who are committed, hardworking and reflective. Rainbow Council Ambassadors will need to be able to demonstrate our six core Christian values at all times and encourage others to follow these values in their own lives.

The aims of the Rainbow Council are to:

• Ensure that our core Christian values of Love, Friendship, Compassion, Community, Trust and Forgiveness are upheld by every member of our school community
• To be ambassadors for these Christian values
• To be courageous advocates for change, with a strong sense of social action
• Provide a link between pupils, teachers, senior management team, governors and the whole school community

All our representatives proudly wear their red badges to make them clearly identifiable around school. Pupils will be helped every step of the way with their role and new councilors will be appointed each academic year.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to further their leadership skills and become courageous advocates for change in the world.
Meet the Rainbow Council 2022 - 2023

Our new Rainbow Council are proudly wearing their new red badges! 


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