Pupils at Radcliffe Hall Primary School
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"I am still far from being what I want to be, but with God's help I shall succeed."

Vincent Van Gogh



We promote the spiritual, moral, cultural and physical development of all pupils.  Christianity is taught as a living faith whilst pupils are also given opportunities to know and understand other major world religions.  Pupils are encouraged to develop an understanding of their own beliefs, as well as an appreciation of the beliefs of others.  They are encouraged to reflect upon aspects of human life and the natural world which raise questions of ultimate meaning or purpose and to recognise the spiritual dimension of experience.  Big Questions are used to promote reflection, and the development of pupils’ attitudes and skills in RE. 


We follow ‘Bury Agreed Syllabus 2021-2026', bringing it in line with current best practice and pedagogical strategies. By embracing the explicit teaching of Christian concepts and God’s big salvation story, it is hoped that the content of this syllabus will give pupils a deeper understanding of Christianity and other world faiths.

This syllabus contains a clear Christian emphasis.  Many of the learning objectives have been written from the point of view that “we believe”, because this is a Church school syllabus and we do believe.  However, it is recognised that we have to be sensitive to the other faith backgrounds of our pupils.

We extend the content of the Diocesan syllabus by ensuring that in our learning and assemblies, we learn about the key origins, celebrations and beliefs of other faiths and invite those pupils of other faiths within school to share their knowledge and experience with their peers.