Pupils at Radcliffe Hall Primary School
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At Radciffe Hall, we offer a range of enrichment opportunities outside of the usual school curriculum. These are run by school staff or specialist external providers. Most clubs are run over a half term basis and are targeted at specific year groups. These opportunities are an important and exciting feature of school life and contribute to our children's academic, personal and social development.

Pupils who take part in clubs, outside of school, are recognised and their achievements are shared and celebrated in assemblies.

Drawing Club

Drawing actively opens the brain to creative thinking. Our Drawing Club provides an opportunity for children to form connections between what they see and what they do. By developing a sense of imagination, children can stimulate their brain, creating new pathways allowing them to process new ideas and engage in creative problem-solving.

Drawing Club takes place every Monday lunchtime and is run by Mrs Tansey.


Choir Club helps our children boost their self-confidence, their mood, and their overall well-being. By memorising the lyrics and melodies of songs, the brain creates strong connections that encourage memory retention. And let's not forget about the joy of making new friends! Group singing in our choir creates an environment where friendships flourish.

Choir takes place every Tuesday lunchtime and is run by Mr Martin our music specialist. 

Reading Club

Reading for pleasure can have astonishing benefits for everyone. Not only is it an effective way to relax and unwind, but it can also help boost mood and reduce stress levels. Reading is great for the brain and cognitive development as it can improve concentration, vocabulary and working memory.


Reading Club takes place every Tuesday lunchtime and is run by Mrs Grundy.

Sewing Club

Sewing is a valuable skill that allows children to enjoy being creative, develop fine motor skills, improve their concentration, and learn how to work with their hands. This can help them become more independent and self-motivated.

Sewing Club takes place every Wednesday at lunchtime and is run by Mrs Thirkell.

Gardening Club

Being in nature has a calming effect, increases mood, and enhances self-esteem. Our Gardening Club deepens our children's sense of connection with nature and their desire to explore the outside whilst inspiring their environmental stewardship. Children are given the responsibility of helping plants to grow by bringing feelings of pride and empowerment.


The Gardening Club takes place every Wednesday and Friday at lunchtime and is run by Mrs Wade.  

Board Games Club

There are countless skills that children can develop through game playing such as critical thinking skills, creativity, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Board games provide the perfect opportunity for children to practice taking turns, following agreed-upon rules, working through conflict, and using cooperation and collaboration.


The Board Game Club takes place every Wednesday at lunchtime and is run by Mr Toomey.  

Craft Club

Craft opportunities help stimulate creativity and imagination. Children are provided with opportunities to use their imagination to create unique and original pieces, which enhance the development of their creativity and imagination. Creativity allows children to express their emotions and show the real world as they perceive it. Providing children with creative outlets can help to reduce stress levels and improve mood.


The Craft Club takes place every Thursday at lunchtime and is run by Miss Lees.  

Lego Club

Lego creates experiences that encourage children to learn through physical creation whilst using their imagination to create something that is both unique and functional. Interpreting order, understanding quantity, symmetry, patterns and location of the bricks, helps children to develop their mathematical skills and spatial awareness and encourages them in developing how to problem solve and come up with new ideas. 


The Lego Club takes place every Friday at lunchtime and is run by Mrs Woodland.  

Sports Club

In conjunction with Bury Sports Partnership we currently have a Multisports after school club running on a Wednesday until 4:30pm. The club will be run by one of our coaches Miss Walsh who is the Managing director / Head coach at Bolton Gymnastics Ltd.

All children will need to wear their PE kit when attending the club.

Places will need to pre-booked and it is a first come first served basis for the first 20 people. You need to be quick as places fill up fast!


At Radcliffe Hall, we believe reading is an important part of our learning. We aim to encourage the children to develop a love of books and a passion for reading. To achieve this, we have created an attractive and well-stocked library for the children to enjoy. Each class has a weekly timetabled library slot, where the children are encouraged to find a comfy spot and enjoy a book.

The Library is open to Parents and Carers after school every Thursday.

Computing Club

Through stimulating and challenging experiences, our children develop their love of learning to become confident and independent when using computing, leaving a positive digital footprint. We are pleased to offer pupils the opportunity for children  to take part in our Computing Club which is led by a specialist teacher from Technola. All sessions are taught through enjoyment and participation and aim to build on children's computing knowledge, technical skills and confidence.

KS1: Tuesday from 3.30pm until 4.20pm.

  • Autumn Term 2: Doodle World 
  • Spring Term 1: Technola Tapas  
  • Spring Term 2: Comic Book Club
  • Summer Term 2: Puppet Show
  • Summer Term 2: Technola Tapas

KS2: Thursday from 3.30pm until 4.20pm.  

  • Autumn Term 2: Minecraft
  • Spring Term 1: Robot Olympics 
  • Spring Term 2: Comic Book Club 
  • Summer Term 1: Stop Motion
  • Summer Term 2: Sound Like Hollywood